Is Xbox’s Games With Gold Worth? Let’s Take A Look!

xbox games gold value

“What is Xbox Games With Gold and should I buy it?” This question seems to come up quite a bit. Is paying that yearly fee for Xbox’s Games With Gold really worth it? Not everyone plays online or has time to play their Xbox everyday. What’s the incentive for them to spring that extra hard earned cash? That money could be going towards another game couldn’t it?

First off, twice a month Xbox Games With Gold members get exclusive access to a hand-selected collection of free games. That’s four games a month because all Games with Gold titles for Xbox 360 are playable on the Xbox One now. With Xbox One Backward Compatibility, play multiplayer with your friends no matter which console they’re on and enjoy Xbox 360 games with the advanced features of your Xbox One. Pretty cool right?

Free games is awesome, but is the price really worth it. Put on your reading glasses and let’s look at the numbers. Please note that this encompasses only Xbox One compatible titles. December’s titles have been included in advance.


Since 2014, a whopping 81 titles have been released!

The games have an Average Metacritic score of 75. 71 for Xbox One titles and 80 for Xbox Backwards Compatibility (BC)  titles.

The Average Age of a title is 37 months old. 11 months old  for an Xbox One title and 63 months for BC titles.

The Average Price of each title is $21 USD. That’s $23 USD for an Xbox One title and $19 for the BC titles.

This year (2016):

In 2016 there has been a total of 48 games, that’s four free games a month. 24 native Xbox One titles and 24 BC titles.

They have an Average Metacritic score of 76. 71 for Xbox One titles and 82 for BC titles.

The Average Age of a title is 40 months. 15 for Xbox One titles and 66 for BC titles.

The Average Price of a title is $22 USD. $26 for Xbox One titles and $19 for BC 360 titles.

If you spend $50 bones on a 1 year membership and download over 3 games, I’d say you’ve gotten your moneys worth.

For me it’s a total no brainer. That extra few bucks a year gets me access to so many games, savings (on more games) and of course gives me the chance to get told my mom’s a whore while playing Battlefield One online.

Through Xbox’s Games With Gold I’ve found some gems I’d have never played otherwise such as, Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings, The Wolf Among Us, and Mirror’s Edge.  There’s also been some of my all time favorite games on it like, Super Meat Boy, Bioshock Infinite, Beyond Good and Evil HD, XCOM, and Super Sunset Overdrive. I could go on and on.  Have you enjoyed Gold? Do you find the price worth it? Will you go ahead and sign up for it now? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!

Reddit user r/wiipe has put together this handy excel document in a Dropbox if you want to learn more and dive into more details.

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