Xbox One Got A Beautiful New UI


The Xbox One’s new UI just dropped and it looks great. It puts a large emphasis on streaming games with the brand new Beam app. Don’t worry Twitch fans, the Twitch app is still there, but Microsoft is really pushing Beam.

The Beam viewing app will let you watch, chat, and interact with streamers all over the world in near rear time. I’m going use the Guide with Beam feature to stream this weekend. What do you want to see? Tweet me @stdxbrockstar. I haven’t toyed around with Beam at all but Leah at Girls On Games recommended it to me on a podcast we did a few weeks ago.

The Home and Guide have also been made more intuitive and much quicker (WAY MORE QUICKER). I’m glad the Snap feature is gone because the only time I used it was by accident.

Xbox has come a long way with their UI. Remember the “blades” UI back on the 360? The Xbox Store still needs a big upgrade with things such as a wish list, a shopping cart, and an easier way to find games on sale but thankfully Phil Spencer has addressed some of those issues.

The most exciting new feature, Game Pass will be added later this year. I’ve been playing around with it and will let you know what I think in the next few days.

Microsoft also announced a handful of other things today including:

Surface Studio

The Surface is an entirely new class of device designed to effortlessly bring your ideas to life and now it’s coming to Canada! The Surface Studio will be available on April 20, 2017 to easily turn any workspace into a creative studio. Surface Studio will be available at select retail locations, including the Microsoft Store and starting at $3,999 CAD.


GelaSkins and Microsoft Canada have partnered with some of Canada’s most talented artists to launch an exclusive collection of bold, creative accessories designed on Surface, for Surface. The artists include: Sam Shuter, Tablloyd, Darshie Designs, Candice Kaye, Soteeoh and Claire Desjardins. To browse the line of artwork, or purchase one yourself, check out the website here.

Windows 10 Creators Update

With over 400 million devices around the world using Windows 10, the Creators Update empowers consumers to unlock a new type of creativity and new ways for gaming for everyone – from the home to schools, businesses and everything in-between. New features include:

  • Creating, sharing and consuming in 3D
  • Improvements across a suite of built-in apps for music, maps and photos
  • The most comprehensive security for everything you do on your Windows device
  • Xbox and PC updates – so gamers can share their passion by connecting, streaming and playing together

I’m so happy to see my pals running Gelaskins doing big things. They are just the best!

Add me on Xbox @brockmclaughlin. Let’s play some Halo!


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