World Of Final Fantasy Review

World of Final Fantasy Review

A new Final Fantasy that isn’t Final Fantasy XV?! Is it worth your time and hard-earned cash? Spoiler Alert, IT IS!

I hopped on over to Comedy Gamers to review World of Final Fantasy. A game as cute as my face! BAZIIIING.

Don’t want to hear me talk?! TL;DW (Too Long; Didn’t Watch) here are my quick thoughts:

The Good:

Huge, deep game

Gorgeous visuals

Fun battle system

Massive amount of past Final Fantasy characters

Funny and corky dialogue

Voice acting is top notch

The Bad:

Slow start

Easy to be overwhelmed by everything going on

Battles are to frequent

No alternative clothing options for the characters


Buy now!

Thanks to Square Enix for the copy of World of Final Fantasy.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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