WONDER BOY 3 REMAKE IS On The Horizon!!!!

A modern version of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is coming and HOLY SHIT  does it look beautiful. That trailer just got me so hyped! Developer Lizardcube and publisher DotEmu have been hard at work on the adventure game which is a current-gen spin on the classic Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon’s Trap. which was originally released way back in 1989 on the Sega Master System. I hadn’t even been born but I remember playing the crap out of this at a friends house down the street.

Neither Sega or the original developer Westone are involved in the remake, Lizardcube has said that they are working very closely with the Wonder Boy series’ creator on the project. It certainly looks different than its predecessor but gosh does it look amazing. The graphics are hand-drawn and the game will feature a new soundtrack.

Never played Wonder Boy? Here’s the premise:

Cursed into a half-human, half-lizard monstrosity by the Meka-Dragon, a lonesome adventurer is facing the challenge of a lifetime! In search for a cure, our mutated anti-hero will explore the many traps of Monster Land… and defeat many stuff-throwing, curse-wielding dragons.
How many more transformations can one hopeful body survive as it turns into a Lizard, a Mouse, a Piranha, a Lion, and a Hawk… The six different forms of our shape-shifting hero make up the cast of this non-stop action-adventure platformer!

Count me in. There’s no release date yet but the plan is to bring the game to both Windows PC and consoles. Sign me up. I’m sold.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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