What Does The Windows 10 Creators Update Mean For Gamers


Microsoft released a pretty nifty little update yesterday called the Creators Update. It’s a little more fun than the usual system upgrades and is aimed at gamers and creatives. It’s not as big as last year’s “Anniversary Update” to Windows 10 but it does turn Paint into a tool you might actually use. Especially after a round of puff, puff, pass.

The big change here is the ability to stream your games with the Xbox app. Microsoft is wanting to bridge the gap between Xbox and Windows and have integrated streaming into the Xbox app. Microsoft bought Twitch competitor Beam last year and is lifting the veil on the shiny new platform. I’ve spent a bit of time with it and love how snappy it is. Be sure to add me (For summer shirtless streams), my lovely Game Moose co-host Ryan Turford, and the big man himself Dan Hammill aka Greenskull who appears to be online 24/7.

When playing a game on your PC just hit the Windows key + G and a floating “Game Bar” will appear. There you can initiate a stream and switch into the all new Game Mode.

Game Mode will prioritize your game over other background system processes to gain a much better system performance so your frame rate stays more consistent.  In the distant future publishers will enable Game Mode to automatically run whenever you have a game going on Windows 10.

I like the way Microsoft in integrating both Xbox and Beam into the PC experience and it will be interesting to see what tricks they have up their sleeves with Project Scorpio. It seems like they are laying the groundwork for some big things but as I’ve mentioned time and time again it all comes down to what games they put out on the system. Backwards Compatibly is great and I applaud them for it, but I want to see Microsoft stop playing it so safe with their IPs and give us something remarkable.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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