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Gamers know exactly what buttons to push on and off the controller.

According to the latest survey gamers are getting IT on alot. More than six packed gym bros. More than fixie riding vegan hipsters. In fact, they are at the top for any type of dude. And no they didn’t use the classic UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT code to cheat on this survey. Their girlfriends spilled the beans saying their gamer boyfriends are getting it on, on average 6 times a week and are the most generous in bed.

It just so happens that I’m a gamer (bow-chicka-wow-wow) and had no idea my fellow gamers were getting it on so much. Who knew you were all so Brock Hard! Y’all better be practicing safe sex! Because as much fun as sex is, it’s always a good idea to wrap it up. And no, using a condom doesn’t ruin the experience. It helps both users feel comfortable and assured that there won’t be any future unwanted surprises.


Safe sex is the best sex kids.

Now, you’re probably wondering what condom should I buy? That’s easy. Trojan™️ is the brand you want.

I’ve teamed up with Trojan™️ to hook up one lucky gamer with a Valentine’s Day gift pack. Up your love game this year by staying home, playing a co-op game with your significant other and see where the night goes. Video games and chill. Xbox Game Pass has over 100 games to choose from so you and your partner will have no problem finding something to choose. If things get heated Trojan™️ has you covered for getting BareSkin™️ Close. Inside the gift pack are Trojan BareSkin Condoms, new BareSkin™️ Lubricant and a $100 gift card. BareSkin™️ condoms are perfect for getting closer to your partner because they’re 40 percent thinner than your standard Trojan™️ condoms for a more natural feel. Now combine that with some lubricant for extra-long uninterrupted pleasure. Groovy baby! With the gift card, you can pick up the game of your choice, some candles, cinnamon hearts and be ready for a sensual evening.

Not only should you be leveling up your fighters in Dragon Ball FighterZ you should be leveling up your love game.  It’s not that hard (That’s hopefully not what she said!). Trojan has some great tips.

Remember. Pause the game. Start to play. And guys, it’s Valentine’s Day. You better be generous. If you got time to grind, you got time to cater to your partner’s needs. Dr. Brocky Love is in the house!

To enter follow the Gleam instructions below. Your chance to win is as easy as opening a Trojan™️ condom.

Up Your Love Game

Now, get out there and impress your lover! Happy gaming and humping my friends. #BareSkinClose

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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