A Wild DoomFist Appears on Overwatch PTR

Overwatch isn’t finished celebrating yet, the gifts of Blizzard came in heavy last week for PC PTR (Public Test Realm) lurkers. Overwatch’s very first mystery character, Doomfist The Successor, has been released onto the PTR Servers with his own anime, gameplay videos, alongside nearly every news outlet on the interweb breaking him in. Doomfist has been hinted at since Overwatch’s initial FMV and had yet to make an appearance as a roster character. Remember the gauntlet that Winston and Tracer were holding back against Widowmaker and Reaper?

The rightful owner, Akande Ogundimu a.k.a. DoomFist has appeared for battle.

 There was speculation that Akande Ogundimu was forthcoming. Various changes were littered over the game: an OR15 combat unit was impaled into a wall at the Numbani map. Doomfist’s gauntlet is missing in the Payload match there. All these signs pointed to the return of Talon’s king. Or overseer, if that makes sense.
Wednesday, Blizzard released a Times of Numbani article, pointing out Ogundimu’s involvement. A smart way to hint at a change through Overwatch’s alternate reality. Wolf team’s anime-esque video details the attack on Numbani and the very scuffle that had Doomfist sent to prison. As the legend has it (no, I’m not quoting Run The Jewels), Winston and Doomfist were locked into a fisticuff, with Winston coming out victorious. The animation digs a bit deeper, highlighting Tracer and Genji’s presence at the battle. Doomfist was taking them on all by his lonesome.
 Doomfist is allied with Talon, which shows a bit of a hierarchy between Reaper and himself. Widowmaker and Sombra (maybe) are also aligned with the game’s terrorist group. As for what he’s got, Doomfist has a shotgun on one arm and the gauntlet focuses on melee attacks.
As for the one who didn’t get the part: Terry Crews took to twitter in the most graceful display. The Expendables and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has praised DoomFist and the Blizzard team. Here’s hoping we’ll hear Crews later on in a different role. Perhaps as Hammond, the Lunar Base escapee? Crews has also been to Blizzard Studios and played Overwatch. Perhaps there was a conversation had on his visit to Blizzard that will have him in Overwatch one day.
Overwatch is on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. New characters are periodically added to the fray, with Doomfist coming as soon as he’s ready to be unleashed onto the consoles (Sometime this week). PTR PC players can already try him out.
Season 5 is still going on strong!
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