Where Do You Buy Your Games?


I’m curious to know where you buy your games. Do people still like physical versions of the game when downloading them digitally is so much more convenient but not always cost effective?

I have a hate/love relationship with buying physical and digital games. I do love having the cases on display in my room but I hate switching discs and digging through game cases to find where I left a certain disc. With physical copies, you can make back some of your cash when you opt to sell them on somewhere like eBay, EB Games or Kijiji. Kijiji is my go-to place for picking up games despite living around the corner from two EBs. I can usually always get games for a much lower price on Kijiji than at EB Games and I don’t have to wait a few days like on eBay. According to this year’s Kijiji Second-Hand Economy Index, sites like Kijiji are extremely popular in Canada. 82% of Canadians say they participated in a second-hand exchange last year spending a grand total of $29 billion.

With so many great games out this year, why not try selling some of your old tech that’s been accumulating around the house. On average Canadian earn $1,027 a year selling goods they don’t need. Tech items are among the most exchanged items in the second-hand economy, including entertainment products, and games, toys and video games. A quick search on Kijiji for things like TVs, gaming consoles (I bought my Xbox One, and countless 360’s on Kijiji) or smartphones lists hundreds of results around me.

I’m currently browsing Kijiji in another tab looking for Dragon Ball Z toys.

My buddy Marc Saltzman has compiled a list of tips for selling on Kijiji that’s pretty handy. Check it out:

Spring Cleaning? Here are Tech Expert Marc Saltzman’s Tips on Selling Your Stuff on Kijiji:

  1. Snap good photos: Use quality photos to ensure buyers can easily see what they are purchasing (and try to take photos yourself instead of stock imagery).
  2. Set your price: Research the going rate for your item to determine a competitive price that will attract buyers. Also, pad your selling price a little so there’s some wiggle room to come down a bit and negotiate with potential buyers. You can also indicate “or best offer” (OBO) if you’re flexible with pricing.
  3. Craft a solid description: Describe your item in detail and provide the year, model number, and condition. This is particularly important for tech items as there are often a variety of models or duplicates of items available at any given time.
  4. Real-time correspondence: Use the Kijiji app to easily post your ad and communicate with potential buyers in real-time on your mobile device.
  5. Capture attention: Use something eye-catching in your headline, perhaps include words like “REDUCED PRICE” or “MUST SELL THIS WEEK,” and if your item is in great condition, highlight that upfront.
  6. Maximize reach: Try out these insider tips to increase views and traffic to your ad –
    • Geo-target your ad to your area, but consider also posting to a few nearby neighbourhoods to increase the odds of your ad being seen.
    • There are a variety of categories you can post within, so post to a few (relevant) categories to broaden the reach.
  7. Don’t commit until the sale is complete: There’s a lot of interest that doesn’t always materialize for a variety of reasons, and you may also get a lot of interest around the same time, so don’t ever tell people you’ll hold it for them. Tell everyone it’s first come, first serve and review each offer to select the one you’re most comfortable with. Also, when you secure the right buyer and complete the transaction, be sure to take down the ad so other buyers are aware it’s no longer available and you’re not receiving new requests or offers.

Let me know on Twitter how you get your games, if you sell them or do you prefer to keep them all. No matter how bad they might be. Now go make it rain!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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