MOVE OVER KNACK 2, YOU HAVE SOME SERIOUS COMPETITION THIS FALL. Bubsy is coming back. Yes, the platformer I’ve been joking about for the better part of the year has been announced and I regret ever bringing it up. Where were you on June 8th, 2017 when Bubsy rose from the dead?!

In a world where we don’t get a new Spyro the Dragon game and have to wait half a lifetime for the third installment of Kingdom Hearts, we are treated to a game from the world’s most recognizable Bobcat. Bubsy. A new Bubsy game is coming out with no crowdfunding campaign. I just wrote about the very popular Shenmue 3 which relied on a Kickstarter to get it going, but Bubsy’s name is enough to get a publisher’s wallet out.

Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all.

BUBSY HAS RETURNED BEFORE METROID, CASTLEVANIA, AND MEGA MAN. A new Bubsy title the same year we get a Mario & Rabbids crossover game. 2017 is officially weird.

I can’t even right now.

Here’s the trailer which doesn’t give me much hope. If this was a mobile game I’d understand but the fact that this is coming out for PS4 and Steam blows my mind.

Heroes never die. Maybe we will find out more at E3? Stay tuned next week for the trailer Cool Spot 2: Revenge of the Cool.

If you can’t get enough of Bubsy here’s a failed TV pilot from 1993. CLICK ME.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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