What The Hell Happened To Deep Down?

Deep Down is the working title for the upcoming role-playing video game by Capcom for the PlayStation 4 video game console. You probably have never heard of it, but it was shown at a Playstation Meeting way back in 2013. This was the very same meeting that gave us an inside look at the Playstation 4. Later that year at the Tokyo Game Show. Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono announced that Deep Down was to be a free-to-play title; initially expected release date was to be in 2014 after a public beta coincided with the Japanese release of the PS4. In February 2014, the public beta was announced as being delayed to after the Japanese release of the PS4 in mid-2014, the public beta, then scheduled for summer 2014, was announced as being delayed to 2015.

The reveal trailer showed an armored warrior battling a medieval fire-breathing dragon and I’ve wanted to play it ever since. But another E3 has come and gone and still we’ve seen no mention of Deep Down.

So where is it?

Should someone go and tell Aunt Rhody that Deep Down is dead?

Not necessarily, it sounds like Capcom disassembled the team to work on Dragon’s Dogma Online and Deep Down was put on a back burner. But it sounds like things could be heating up and all is not lost. Earlier this year, Capcom renewed the game’s trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office which is a good sign. It also could give us a hint at when it is coming out.

The application states that Capcom“continues its efforts in conducting product and/or service research or development with respect to the allowed good and services.”

This kind of filing is actually quite binding, because it’s equivalent to a sworn statement that the applicant intents to use the name commercially in the United States.

We are now in the last year of the trademarks life. U.S. trademark law, in fact, dictates that a company can’t keep a hold on a name forever unless they intend to use it. This trademark extension is the fourth one. The legal limit is five, and an extension lasts only six short months.

Some quick maths shows that Capcom has until February 2017 to use the trademark commercially in the United States, or the trademark will be lost forever.

Tokyo Game Show is a long way off but maybe we will hear more about this mysterious game soon. Judging by the trailers and images it looks quite similar to Dark Souls. I’m interested to see Capcom’s vision of New York City in 2094 and I’m always up for a good dragon fight.

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Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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