Weekend At Brockies: Returns!!

Weekend at Brockies is back!

My passion to write and share is back after a few weeks of me time. The weekend was only two short days but it certainly felt like a lifetime. Here’s what happened:

Gaming: I stuck to the Xbox One this weekend playing through ReCore. Full review to come, but you can check out my early impressions here. I also played Oceanhorn which I’m digging. For a mobile game ported to console it’s funny that it has more content than ReCore.

Movies/TV: I finally got around to seeing the BBC miniseries, The Night Manager with Tom “Fake Relationship” Hiddleston. It was most excellent! If you like spy dramas this one’s for you. Sony released a Blu-ray with the entire series here in North America.

Parties: If you haven’t been following me on Twitter then you’re missing out on all my TIFF updates. TIFF stands for the Toronto International Film Festival aka rub elbows with attractive people week! I’ve been spending a lot of my nights over at the Thompson with Grey Goose and at the Mongrel Media party. They are throwing the Manchester By The Sea after party tomorrow night and I’m hoping I get to drink a beer with Casey Affleck. Unfortunately, I didn’t check my email yesterday as I was too busy working through ReCore but I missed an invite to party with Busta Rhymes and Nick Cannon. Nick is in town promoting his movie, King Of The Dancehall which received great 140 word reviews on Twitter late last night. Also in attendance at his party was Kreesha Turner, Kimberly Patterson, my man Kardi O, Lennox Lewis (!!!) and Adonis Stevenson. I’m sure Nick was bummed out I couldn’t make it (HA! I kid) but hopefully I can catch him on the flip side. I haven’t run into any stars this year but hit me up on Twitter if you want to see some amazing photos from previous years including dinner with Bono, drinks with my twin Robert Pattinson , arm wrestling Susan Sarandon and more.

Photo of Nick: Nick Cannon and Busta Rhymes at Ciroc Presented Screening Party for King of the Dancehall in Toronto

Now it’s off to go wrap ReCore and Oceanhorn before heading out tonight to sing Karaoke with the stars and probably drink too much Ciroc. TIFF only comes once a year and I sometimes like to wear a suit.

Now go back to finding other awesome things on the internet to read while you pretend to work!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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