Weekend At Brockies June 27th

Hopefully, you enjoyed my new Flashback Friday series because it’s not the only new weekly post in store for you. As of today, you can expect to find “Weekend at Brockies” posts every Monday. It’s a place for me to recap what I’ve been playing, watching and other musings from the weekend. Let’s dive in.

Currently Playing:

Mad Max (Currently on sale in the Playstation store for $20 bucks until tomorrow)

Mad Max is shockingly good. It’s a mix of Uncharted and Fallout 4 and is not to be missed. I put some serious hours into this game and love the world developers Avalanche have created. Well worth the cheap price tag.






Of course.

I’m also currently wrapping up my reviews on Technomancer and Lego Star Wars. Those will be live tomorrow.

What I’ve Been Watching:

I had a lot of The Simpsons season 3 and 4 in the background while I gamed but I sat down and watched the Netflix exclusive The Fundamentals Of Caring which was absolutely incredible. I loved it and yes I teared up. I also laughed a ton. If you want a really dumb comedy check out Popstar: Never Stop Stoping. I’m not a huge fan of Andy Samberg but I was laughing the whole way through. Popstar is still in theatres.

I also got caught up on Preacher and started watching Vinyl (Finally). It’s pretty corky and it’s unfortunate it was cancelled last week. I think the show has serious potential. I could watch Juno Temple in anything. I wish she was my main bae.  Speaking about Vinyl, I’m giving away a Blu-Ray copy of Vinyl and Ballers at the moment. Click here for more info.  Ballers will have to wait till next weekend, which I’m so excited is a long way. I’ll be heading to the cottage and hopefully connecting to my Playstation’s Remote Play.

Currently Reading:

I didn’t get as far as I wanted in the first Dark Tower book but I’m totally hooked so far. I can’t wait for the show next year. I’m hoping to finish the series + The Stand by the time it comes out. I should be able too… that is unless No Man’s Sky sucks me away.

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Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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