Weekend at Brockies July 11th

It’s Monday and I’m late on this post but I’ve been busy playing Song of the Deep and collecting every Pokemon I can get my hand on in Pokemon Go. I’m at 21 right now. I’d have more but Hank Mardukas (My dog) keeps giving up after 20 minutes. Apparently, he doesn’t want to daddy to be the very best. AND AFTER ALL THE CUDDLES I GIVE HIM! He did a good job acting though in my newest UnBrocxing. You can watch it over on Comedy Gamers.

I did a lot of watching this weekend of HBO’s Silicon Valley. I’m three seasons in and still don’t know if I like it if that makes any sense. It’s an odd show but it has lots of charm and plenty of A+ talent. I finished the third season and will need about another year before I dive back into the world of these characters again. I still need to catch up Preacher and I’m very excited to see the premiere of Season 2 of Mr.Robot. If you aren’t caught up on the first season check it out now on Shomi.

I also gave Tales From The Borderland a playthrough.  HOLY FUCK ladies and gentlemen that was a fun game. I laughed a lot, I cried more than once, and I ate a lot of pizza playing through it. I’ll probably go back and give it another go round in the near future, not before starting my petition to speed up a sequel. Wrapping Tales made me to decide revisit Borderlands 2, thanks to the Playstation Summer Sale ($17.99 and worth every penny). Bloody hell I love this game, glad it’s not a heavy review week so I can sink my teeth in and hopefully get to the prequel. Speaking of reviews expect to see Lego: Star Wars, Song of The Deep, and The Magic Circle: Gold Edition.

If you aren’t following me on Twitter you’re missing out on Pokemon GO memes that are gold. If you can’t stand Pokemon GO and everyone enjoying it you probably will want to go and unfollow me. I love it and love seeing the way it’s changing the world in just one short week. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go catch a Charizard.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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