The Ultimate Gaming Marathon Checklist and Contest!


With the conference portion of E3 over it’s time to tackle my never-ending backlog of games and finally finish some of them. Over the next few days, I’m going marathon through them starting with the incredible Wolfenstein: The New Order. In order to properly get through a large chunk of these titles, I’ve gotta prepare myself. I gotta stay healthy, awake, cool and charged. That’s why I’ve partnered with Duracell to bring you this handy checklist that will help you gear up and find the power to log countless hours of gaming to foil the forces of evil.



You gotta stay hydrated. Drink your water! If you wanna treat yourself freeze some ice cubes beforehand.


I’m a black coffee kinda guy and worship my espresso machine. I tend to shy away from energy drinks but if you desire them and they work for you stick with the zero-calorie options.


It’s hot AF outside and if you don’t have air conditioning you’re going need a fan on you.


I often make a joke that my body is a temple despite the fact that sometimes I find myself waking up next to three empty bags of Doritos in a state of shame and regret. That’s why you should prepare yourself with good tasty treats. Bananas, apples, fresh cut fruit are all great options. If you need something sweeter Buddha Bowl Avocado Popcorn is delicious and isn’t messy enough to stain your controllers. Try and avoid sugary food as it will lead to crashing.

Comfy Outfit

This is a must! Throw on a breathable onesie for maximum comfort. I’ve been rocking a nice Stanfield’s bright red onesie and loving it.


Playstation users have the benefit of charging via USB but if you’re going be using an Xbox Controller or a wireless mouse you gotta be prepared and Duracell has you covered.


Get extra sleep the night before. Seriously. Those extra zzz’s will help you out.

Social Media

Once you’re set up be sure to Tweet/Text/FB/Instagram/Snapchat whatever your platforms of choice are to get the word out there that you’re going live. Having friends and internet strangers watching and cheering you on will help motivate you to finish your marathon.

I love being a binge gamer. Once I start I really don’t want to stop. An RPG or solo adventure game binge really helps me sink my teeth into the story, as well as lock down the controls. Nothing’s worse than getting halfway through a game and coming back only to forget what’s happening in the 17 sidequests you have on the go. After a few hours, once you’ve had time to properly absorb the game, you start to lose the awareness of the sensation of the controller in hand and direct all your focus at the underlying game instead of the hardware conveying it.

fallout contest

That’s why I want to challenge you to participate in your own gaming marathon this week. One lucky reader will get a $100 gift card to Walmart as well as three packages of Duracell batteries (8 packs of AA). From tomorrow June 15th until Saturday at 5 PM EST, I’ll be looking for the player who records the most amount of game-time in 48 hours. All you have to do is share proof and include the hashtag #DuracellPowerUp and #TrustIsPower on Twitter tagging me @brockmclaughlin and Duracell. If your game of choice doesn’t include a game timer get creative! Show me what you got!

The Walmart gift card will help you grab everything on my checklist as well as leave enough left over for a new game or controller and Duracell has you covered for a long while with their classic Coppertop long-lasting batteries.

I’ll also be on Mixer (Formerly Beam) all week playing some games. Join me! We’re doing a group Friday The 13th drinkathon on Friday!

Me and the Game Moose folks hit the front page during our E3 coverage this week and I’d love to do it again! Tell a friend!

Article Disclaimer: This contest couldn’t be possible without the partnership of Duracell and is a sponsored post.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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