Tutorial: How To Prep A PS4 For Trade-In


New Year, New Console. It’s never been a better time to upgrade your current console. Just look at these deals EBGames has on right now in Canada. Because I’m upgrading to a slim, here are the steps I took to make it ready for trade.

1.) Settings – PlayStation Network account – deactivate as primary PS4

2.) Then go to Settings and under System backup all data to an external hard drive. (Not mandatory, but is far easier than redownloading everything)

3.) Be sure saves are backed up. If you have PSPlus they should be stored in the cloud, but I recommend backing them up to a USB.

4.) Settings – initialize PS4 and have it wipe of EVERYTHING

5.) Patiently wait

6. You are good to go. Pat self on back.

You don’t ultimately have to do this yourself, EBGames should do on their end, but better safe than sorry.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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