Why Are You Toying With Me Like This Obsidian?!


ObsidianĀ sent out a very cryptic tweet this afternoon that has the internet and myself going HMMMMMMMM šŸ¤”.

Here is the tweet of the day:

But what does it mean?

On one hand, they could be just testing out Twitter’s new 240 character tweet limit. But on the other, they could be teasing a new game. Perhaps one we could see as early as next month at PSX?

What game could it be? Perhaps a new Fallout or a new Knights of the Old Republic, neither of which I think are going happen. Fallout: New Orleans has been a long-rumored title but we haven’t seen any kind of substantial information that this even exists.

Then again maybe those KOTOR returning rumors aren’t thatĀ crazy after all. Look at this tweet. But EA does own the rights to everything Star Wars… unfortunately.

Or maybe it’s a new property?

I’d eat my shirt if it was Jade Empire 2. And I love this shirt.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments below. And rememberĀ Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is available to play via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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