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Stardew Valley is out now on both Xbox One and PS4 and it’s time to hop into a pair of overalls and get to work. Your grandpa’s farm isn’t going take care of itself you know. It’s time to decide your own destiny.

Stardew Valley is easily one of my favorite games of the year, I managed to put in about 40 hours on the computer version at the start of this god forsaken year but was patiently waiting for the console version. Over the last few nights, I’ve been playing again on the Xbox One and am absolutely loving the controller. Don’t let other websites tell you differently. The controller works very well for Stardew Valley. It felt like putty in my hands.

For newcomers, Stardew Valley can be overwhelming. You start the game with very little knowledge of what’s going on. It’s like your first day in the real world after you finish school. The game suggests you introduce yourself to the townsfolk and that’s pretty much it. The townsfolk also don’t really have much to say to a stranger. Don’t fret, they will come around. Eventually, you can even try and woo some of them and make babies. Hubba hubba. As you progress a storyline does develop and technically the game can be ‘beaten’ but it will continue to play forever. With the console version, you will have a chance to try out one of five different farm layouts but I’d recommend the default farm for newcomers.

There’s so much to do in the game including mining, fishing, combat, farming, storyline/role playing, arcade mini-games, and a whole world to explore with tons of secrets/collectibles. Day turns to night both in the game and in real life.

If you like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing you’re going love Stardew Valley.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Start Small.

Make friends.

Worry about your farm and stability first.

Go fishing. It’s a great way to make money fast.

Your fridge acts as free storage and is easy to miss. It’s great for storing crops.

Start completing the community hall challenges. They aren’t that hard and most of them you can only do depending on the season.

To the right of the beach there is a bridge you can fix with 300 wood. It is worth it early game as you can get multiple high-value scavenging items there every day.

Watch your energy levels.

Turn on tool hit location in settings right away.

Be sure to pause if you need to take a bathroom break or check your phone. You don’t want to waste valuable time.

Your character will pass out if you try and stay up past 2 AM

Look for bubbles in the water when you fish. That’s where you’re going want to throw your line.

If it’s raining head to the mines or get fishing. Rare items are more likely to pop up.

Buy the backpack upgrades ASAP. It pays for itself within days. Running out of space and walking home/to a shop is time that you could be earning money. This is my first thing I spend money on.

Don’t cut down all your grass! It provides you with hay for animals so you will want to get a silo or two to store that in first. I learned this the hard way.

There you go new farmers. Hopefully, that helps get you started. I’ve seen a few crashes and glitches and going give it some time before I post a review but I wanted to get these tips and tricks out ASAP.

Happy farming!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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