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So you got Final Fantasy XV for the holidays but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry fam, I got you!

You’re in for a real treat!

The first thing you’re going want to do while the game is installing is watch Kingslaive. It’s about an elite force of soldiers that must protect the magical kingdom of Lucis from the invading empire Niflheim. It’s not the greatest film in the world but it will help flesh out the story of XV for you and it features Aaron Paul to boot.

If you need even more info be sure to check out the Brotherhood anime series on YouTube. It’s five episodes of Final Fantasy goodness that will make the story much less confusing.

Now after all that TV watching the game should be ready to go. Here are my suggestions:

Here are my suggestions:

Switch the control scheme to either B or C to make the defense stance mechanic much easier.

Skip the tutorial. It’s really boring and unnecessary.

Make Ignis your healer by acquiring his Regroup technique and his Regenerate ability as soon as possible.

Don’t rush, take it slow partner.

Listen to the radio and your characters, read newspapers, and take in everything around you as not to miss key story details. It’s tempting to fast travel, but I’d try and avoid it.

Don’t worry about missing anything. You can go back and play sidequests at any time.

Save. Save. Save.

Camp at least once a chapter.

Keep maybe 5-10 Phoenix Downs on your party at all times.

Try to make sure your killing blow is done with a link strike or by a warp strike. You will gain 1 AP if you do. Over the course of the game, it’ll definitely add up. You’ll be thankful you got them.

Equip royal arms for stats but I suggest not using them.

Use all the exp spells early in the game. Don’t worry about the potency of the spell and the level of the monsters.

The best way to level up is to go to Altissia, eat an $8000 meal with 100% exp, then spam all the exp spells on hunts there and sleep at theRoyal Suite in the Leville. It offers a three times experience bonus but will set you back 30,000 gil per night.

Still following?

If you’re poor, sleep in Lestallum. You’ll receive x1.5exp for $500.

Run more often for Gladiolus skill level, riding your friendly Chocobo doesn’t count.

Don’t worry about fishing unless you are going for the trophies.

Buy all the CD’s you can, and the portable music player.

To sprint infinitely, hold the sprint button again when the stamina is very low and the visual cue when Noctis sprints upright. You still need to upgrade the stamina even though you can sprint infinitely, hanging onto the walls drains stamina.

Happy questing!! Anything I missed? Let me know on Twitter.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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