The Best Of E3 2016

Well with E3 winding down, I figured it was a good time to cover the most exciting parts. And there sure was a lot. Xbox debuts a brand new system and customizable controllers, Sony brought forth AAA title after AAA title, and Nintendo stole the show with gameplay from The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Just look at the social data:

That’s a whole lot of people talking about Zelda. Sure it looks great, even more, immersive than I thought but the game of the show for me was a toss up between:

God Of War



With no release date set, I probably won’t be able to get my hands on these two for quite some time. Thinking Fall/Winter 2017.

But that’s ok because I don’t have to wait that long for some other great games, such as Watch Dogs 2, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Dead Rising 4, Battlefield 1, and The Last Guardian. Will The Last Guardian actually hit its October 28th release date remains to be seen.

Nintendo unveiled a new Mario Party for the 3Ds that features some familiar cover art:


Nintendo unveiled a whole ton of new amiibos as well as a stand that makes me want to actually buy said amiibos.


The heavily anticipated Persona 5 got a release date for all us members of the #SadBoyClub. Valentines Day, 2017! But sorry, it won’t have dual audio. Only English.

Gravity Rush 2 got a whole ton of good reviews, while Final Fantasy 15 VR got shit on. Why Final Fantasy is in VR is beyond me. Batman VR does look mighty fun, though, despite only taking about an hour or two to complete.

Playstation VR will be out October 13th in North America and cost $549.99 CDN. I’d suggest picking up the VR Launch Bundle for $699.99 however. ย That’s going hurt the wallet. Best Buyย will have VR for pre-order soon.

There was no news on Kingdom Hearts 3…. Just the unnecessary 2.8 version.

Crash Bandicoot is coming back, no release date yet, but I can’t forsee it being that far off. Crash also got his own toy.

Gears Of War has a limited edition $200 dollar controller coming out this fall and if you like blood you can download the demo for Resident Evil 7 right now on the PS4. It doesn’t feel like any past RE games and I’m ok with that.

No signs of Tony Hawk or SSX, but Ubisoft has you covered with their new game Steep.

RIP Kinect. If anyone want’s a good paperweight I’ll hook you up.




That’s just the start of my update. Check back for even more details and happening as today goes on. All this excitement from writing this post has made me want to shower.




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