TellTale’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Series Episode 2 Falls Flat


 After a fairly entertaining start, the Guardians of the Galaxy fail to impress on the second episode. I’m putting TellTale under pressure to deliver a more fun experience moving forward.

Spoilers for Episode 1 ahead. You’ve been warned. 

Here’s my review of the first episode in case you missed it.

If there’s one thing the TellTale Guardians of the Galaxy series is doing right it’s that they are nailing the personalities of the cast but watching the story unfold is rather boring. What could have been an amazing and emotional episode turned into a giant snoozefest that didn’t make me feel anything nor make me really do anything.

Episode 2, “Under Pressure” finds our heroes back to bickering and arguing with each other while trying to understand what the “Eternity Forge” really is. Rocket proposes to Quill that they take the magic lifesaver to bring back the love of his life while Gamora wants to bring it to her sister, Nebula, who can better understand it’s importance.

I could see what was going happen from a mile away if I took it to Nebula so I opted to give Rocket his wish as I wanted to see what the love of his life looked like. I thought he might also be lying which wouldn’t be too out of character for him. Ask forgiveness after as they say. Really, Rocket in love?! Once Peter and Rocket head to reanimate his former lover we are treated to a series of flashbacks that really should have taken up more time. We are shown where Rocket was raised and briefly how he was created and finally his wonderful love. Unfortunately, it all ended so soon we really didn’t get to know why/how Rocket was created or his motivations. This should have been a bigger part of the episode. Rocket’s history is incredible and heartbreaking all at the same time and the movies have only glossed over the facts. It would have been nice to show more of him for those players who haven’t read the comics and want to know why there’s a sarcastic talking raccoon on board.

After a fairly quick flashback, it’s back to the ship to wander around and fight a few bad guys all before the episode ends on a rather forgettable cliff hanger. The first episode gave us both Thanos and Peter Quill dying and this time around we get… well you will see.

We also get another extremely boring flashback of Peter’s mother that is much the same as the first episode except this time you hover the cursor around slowly looking at constellations.

One of my only complaints about TellTale’s Walking Dead season 1 was the amount of slow walking you had to do to progress the chapter. It was a bore and the fact you can’t have a little spring in your step when you walk was annoying. Those slow walking scenes are back in this episode and it’s nice that it provides a bit of interaction between the Guardians but it’s not a very enjoyable experience from getting to point A to B.

For a TellTale game however, it does run extremely well on the PS4 with no noticeable glitches or lag which is a nice change of pace.

I’ll continue to play through the season but my interest is quickly fading. There’s some really good potential here, the characters are being fleshed out, and the voice actors are amazing but TellTale has to give the player more to do than a few generic puzzles and walking slowly around the screen.

Here’s hoping for a great third episode with much more action. I feel like I’m coasting through the series on airplane mode.

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS & Android

Scott Porter as Star-Lord
Emily O’Brien as Gamora
Nolan North as Rocket Raccoon
Brandon Paul Eells as Drax the Destroyer
Adam Harrington as Groot

Episode 1: Tangled Up In Blue

ReleaseDate: April 18, 2017


Episode 2: Under Pressure
Release Date: June 6, 2017

Episode 3: More Than a Feeling
Release Date: TBA

Episode 4: Who Needs You
Release Date: TBA

Episode 5: Don’t Stop Believing
Release Date: TBA

Review Disclaimer: This review was carried out using a digital copy of the game on a PS4.

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