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Batman: The Telltale Series Season 1 has left me feeling very conflicted. I love the changes Telltale has made to the lore but the last few episodes fall flat. I’m hoping we see a second season sooner than later because I am interested to see where the series goes next.

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I’ve played nearly all the Telltale games in the past and nothing has topped Tales From The Borderland and Wolf Among Us yet. Fingers crossed that the upcoming Guardians of The Galaxy game blows me away. The Batman series started on a pretty high note, but the quality dropped off by the fourth episode.

This game is plagued with framerate issues as well as it lags at every turn. It was hard to go four minutes without the game trying its damnedest to keep up. It’s worth noting that I played this game on the Xbox One S and theoretically should have no problem running a game like Telltale’s Batman. This is also the brand spanking new Telltale engine and it’s pretty worrisome.

This user review on Steam sums it up nicely.

The overall story starts out really well but everything goes downhill in episode 4. When you first start the game you take over the role of Bruce Wayne the politician and Batman the new superhero on the streets.The choices you make in the first three episodes are shocking and carry legitimate weight. This is lost by episode 4 where everything becomes a quick sprint to the finish line.

Being able to choose between turning Harvey Dent into Two-Face or saving Catwoman from getting shot is a damn hard choice and the high point of the season. More choices like this would have made each episode unforgettable. Choices with real consequences.

Harvey Dent is an absolutely fantastic character and it’s really fun to watch him want to protect Gotham from the bad guys. It’s a shame the writing wasn’t able to handle his subsequent transformation into a murderous psychotic in the later episodes.

The game is riddled with clunky dialogue. Which is a shame because the overall story is pretty good and far darker than I ever would have expected, especially Vicki Vale’s childhood.

The first few episodes really show off how different Bruce and Batman are and yet how much they need each other. One of the first times you get to choose between sending Bruce or Batman out on a mission is a big decision.

It’s nice to see Batman actually being the world’s greatest detective, but it’s way too easy to piece clues together. It would have been nice to be able to make the wrong decision and having to live with the consequences.

The 5th episode feels so disjointed from the rest of the series. Seemingly everything goes back to normal in a matter of days?

Characters come and go, often leaving lots of plot holes that could have been tied up where some characters such as Catwoman were giving too much screen time.

I did like the chemistry between Batman and Catwoman up until the final episode where her appearance was unnecessary. The whole scene was painful to get through and didn’t serve much purpose (I dont’ expect her to return for a while). I thought her story had wrapped up? I would have preferred what happened to her be a mystery until season 2 or 3.

Why was Oswald Copperpot’s story changed to pretty much be a rip off of Hush? Why not just have Hush? Fans would have gone crazy.

Is Vicki’s adopted brother you save going become Robin down the line? That would be really awesome.

I like where they were going with John Doe (Joker) and he’s clearly going be the big bad of Season 2 but he served little purpose. His appearance in Episode 5 wasn’t necessary at all.

Why the hell can Vicki Vale fight so well? She fights like she was a part of the League of Assasins. It doesn’t make any sense. Also, how did she know the Joker? It would have been nice to get some more dialogue out of her in Episode 5.

I did really like the new take on Batman’s parents. Making Thomas Wayne a bad guy was a great WTF moment.

Overall, I’d recommend giving the series a playthrough as it is an enjoyable ride but the story really falls apart come episode 4. I’m interested to see where the series heads next and I really hope the writing stays consistent in the next season. What started out fun went downhill so fast. I do give Telltale a lot of credit for changing up the Batman history and giving us the best Bruce Wayne we’ve ever had on screen I just wish that all five episodes were a joy to play.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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