Star Wars Made Easy – An Easy Review


You may or may not know that I like Star Wars a ton and to celebrate the launch of Star Wars Battlefront II this week I’m doing daily Star Wars posts! In the words of my Game Moose cohost Ryan Turford, “Get Hyped!”

To prepare myself for Battlefront II I’ve been saving my money in order to buy obnoxious unnecessary Loot Boxes…. JK JK. Instead, I’ve been reading, Star Wars Made Easy. It’s a gorgeous looking book that has everything you ever need to know about the Jedi, Sith, scoundrels, porgs, rancors, wookies, Ewoks, rathtars and just about everything else from a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Made Easy is designed to help new fans get into the world of Star Wars quickly and easily, but there’s a ton of stuff in here for everyone. I for one learned all kinds of things I can impress my friends with online as we take down the Emperor on Hoth this Friday.

Let’s be honest. Star Wars can be confusing. There’s a ton of canon and things to remember and this book really does do a good job breaking it down in an organized and straightforward way. It’s very tongue in cheek and fun to read and doesn’t take itself to seriously. The book provides insights across the original six films, The Force Awakens, Rogue One and the TV shows.  There are some teasers for The Last Jedi but nothing significant.

This is a book that is meant to be picked up and flipped through by anyone. You could be an Imperial, a Rebel, a Jedi, a Sith, a trooper, a bounty hunter or a drunk down at Maz Cantana and you’d probably find something you didn’t know. You don’t have to read it in sequence and can flip to whatever page your heart desires. If you do want to get specific an index is included at the back of the book.

Shockingly there are people out there who have still yet to see Star Wars out there and knowing simple information like this would really help answer their questions and make you look extra smart geeky at your next  SW screening. Or impress people online as grind 40 hours to unlock Luke Skywalker in Battlefront II. You’re going need a lot of witty dialogue to make that grind worth it!

The book itself is a hard-copy book, 9.5′ x 7.25″ (sort of an odd size) printed in color and black and white with some photographs and a lot of illustrations. Solid heavyweight semi-gloss paper and easy-to-read print. It’s a DK book, they print nothing but top quality.

Star Wars Made Easy also has two pages dedicated to my Gungan Jar Jar Binks which I got a good laugh out of. The section is called “The Great Jar Jar Binks Divide” and is an apologia for the disliked character. It’s even got a header asking, “Is it wrong for me to like him?”

If you’re a big-time Star Wars person and could ace Star Wars trivia pursuit you probably won’t get much joy out of this book but for the casual fans or newcomers to this massive universe, this is a great book to have. I learned a ton and I’ve seen the movies dozens of times. I’d highly recommend grabbing it for a fun Star Wars read. It’s never too late to learn new facts.

May the force be with you!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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