Square Enix Is Making Marvel Video Games And I’m Trying To Contain My Excitement


Marvel’s back into console gaming and they’ve got Square Enix on board. The comic book company announced a multi-year, multi-game partnership last week beginning with a mysterious Avengers Project.

Just look at this super brief trailer:

Alongside the trailer came this very vague announcement.

The Avengers project is being designed for gamers worldwide and will be packed with all the characters, environments, and iconic moments that have thrilled longtime fans of the franchise. Featuring a completely original story, it will introduce a universe gamers can play in for years to come.

I’m going speculate in the coming weeks what Square Enix and Marvel are up too, and they sure are in good hands with developers Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. It’s also a safe bet to make that we aren’t going see another Dues Ex game for a long while with the focus on these new Marvel games and I’m more than ok with that. The series could take a nice break. Another Tomb Raider is still planned called Shadow Of The Tomb Raider which I’m excited about especially after 2015’s incredible Rise Of The Tomb Raider but I would be curious to see what that team could do with a Black Widow & Hawkeye game following that.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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    1. I would guess it’s Open World like the Batman Arkham series. As for PC fingers crossed. Can’t see Marvel/Square missing out on a huge opportunity. Dues Ex was a surprisngly great experience on PC.

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