Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer Breakdown

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This first trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming has hit the internet and it’s beautiful. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. The first time ever we are going get a proper Spider-Man film. And yes, I’m someone who absolutely couldn’t stand the Sam Raimi trilogy. They were bad bad bad. Enough of me rambling, watch the trailer below and then lets look at the easter eggs.

Amazing right! Absolutely spectacular if you ask me!

Easter Egg Time:


Look who’s photo is hanging up on the wall. Mr. Bruce Banner on the right-hand side! Also that’s Flash Thompson looking at Peter.


Howard Stark and Abraham Erskine are painted on the mural in the background.

Identify theft eh….

Here’s just a damn good look at the Vulture. That’s Michael Keaton under that mask!

Paying homage to the past.

Here we have The Shocker on the top screen and Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino on the bottom left. Next to Glover is Logan Marshall-Green (who looks very similar to Tom Hardy). At first glance, I thought he was The Tinkerer but Michael Chernus is playing that villain.  He’s also wearing the Shocker’s jacket…. Any guesses? Also looking at his weapon it appears to be…

Chitauri technology. You might remember the Chitauri as the villains in the first Avengers movie.

Pretty sure that’s Gwen Stacy

Wonder if Pepper had to give Tony her shirt when Tony left him behind in Germany in Civil War….

Notice the toy AT-AT Walker? Someone went home and watched Star Wars.

Now let’s all hail Kevin Feige for bringing back Spider-Man to marvel.

Bless up.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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