South Park: The Fractured but Whole E3 Trailer



South Park is back!


The highly awaited sequel of The Stick Of Truth is almost here. The above trailer was shown off at the Ubisoft E3 conference today followed with plenty of details. The game will be available on December 6th and is being released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

So what’s it all about?


The Fractured But Whole takes place immediately following the Stick of Truth and sees the kids leaving the fantasy world and entering the superhero world. The game will see the kids entering a civil war… over how to plot out their superhero franchise plans. Brilliant.

Your main character, Douche Bag from the last game, will get to build a superhero persona by picking from one of the several classes like Brutalist and Speedster. He’ll also have a backstory that’s laid out by Cartman in an opening cutscene.

If you haven’t played the original it’s available free if you pre-purchase the new game. Rad!

For more info:

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