So You’ve Been Invited To A Canada Day Party

It’s Canada Day and there’s no better way than to spend it than with your friends and a handful of dogs in the beating hot sun. I know it might be hard to tear yourself away from your TV and controller, I don’t blame you, there’s so much to play, and unfortunately using Remote Play at a Canada Day bash would be considered a party foul, so what do you do?

I’ve come up with a list of hot topics that you can bring up to impress your friends and make it seem like you haven’t spent the last three days holed up in your room trying to figure out the meaning of INSIDE.

The Flash Season 3 sounds like it’s shaping up to be the best season yet. Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter) has been cast as a series regular named Julian Dorn. I’ve been curious to see Tom branch out and start doing more roles and this seems like a good start. Start speculating with your pals what kind of repercussions Barry Allen’s choice at the end of season 2 will have on the entire DC expanded universe.

This month’s issue of Spider-Man / Deadpool crossover pokes fun at Batman V Superman. With the even more bloated version dropping on Blu-Ray last week now would be a great time to talk about how disappointed you were in the film, how Ben Affleck was shockingly the best part, how Jesse Eisenberg should never act again and how Zach Snyder is destroying everything you loved about the comics. Or be the one guy who liked it and watch the hot dogs fly at your face.

INSIDE. Talk about INSIDE. But don’t spoil it for others! If you wanna talk INSIDE hit me up on Twitter. My five hour “Let’s Play” will be up soon on Comedy Gamers in a few hours so look for that. I’m really proud of it. Hank Mardukas plays a big part.

This is a big one. Scarlett Johansson just became the highest grossing female actress of all time! Welcome your new reigning queen of Hollywood. This topic can spin into what role you think she will play in the Infinity War and if you think she will survive. Her “controversial” casting in the North American remake of Ghost In A Shell. Or how shocked you are how far she’s come from her early days in Ghost World, Home Alone 3 and the absolutely dreadful Eight Legged Freaks. Seriously, do you remember that movie? It was the one where David Arquette saves the day by throwing Pantene shampoo and conditioner on spiders to save the day. I’m not sure what was worse, the spiders in Eight Legged Freaks or Wild Wild West with Will Smith. Debate!

While you’re mixing and mingling be sure to give Luke Austin’s Spotify playlist a spin. He picked out his favorite Canadian tunes for the occasion. Blasting the Tragically Hip just feels so appropriate on a day like this.

And my most important advice, stay thirsty. If you’re staying sober or you’re looking to mix some Canadian whiskey (My top pick, Forty Creek) into your drink have a Coke. If you’re going be chatting the chat, then you gotta keep the liquid flowing. My drink of choice, some Bourbon, a shot of Southern Comfort mixed with Coca-Cola. It’s called the “All American”, but today I’m calling it the “All Canadian”. And if the rain, thunder, and hail let up I’ll be back at the park with my trusty long weekend kit provided by my good friends at Coca-Cola.

Thanks for the kits you guys! The cooler on wheels is so clutch! I’ll be dragging this whole kit to Way Home with me, now if only I could figure out a way to bring him in. Maybe my other dog Sid Vicious will let him borrow his hoodie. It could work?! How good of a video would that make?


 Hank would make an excellent security guard. He goes right for the ankles. He has a good bite, like Barq’s Root Beer.

Now the irony of me writing this right now is the fact I just left my own party to put this together. I better go back now though the only one who probably noticed my leaving was Hank.

Have a great day to my fellow Canadians and if you’re going party with dogs be sure to read this beforehand. It’s a great list of things to not feed your pups.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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