Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Review – Does It Miss The Mark?


The world has turned its’ attention to Russia many times both in reality and digitally in the terms of war. Whether it’s a hunt for a submarine with a 10th-month name, or giant bipedal nuclear launchers with anime-like qualities: the soviets are pegged to be up to no good. Unlike the latter reason I mentioned, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 brings the terrorists out to play as the Americans attempt to interfere into bio-weapon dispense tactics.

Jonathan North is our Navy SEAL badass protagonist, as one of his female leads refers to him as. He’s charged with stopping a terrorist threat in the heart of winter-laden Georgia. Jon is tasked to stop this threat and rescue his brother, another military man, who has been kidnapped earlier in the story. Between this, Jon deals with the past ghost who haunts him in the form of a near fiance of an Ex-Special Forces sniper and has to dismantle the Georgian Separatist cell who seem to hold more abnormal cards in their deck of villainry, than what is led on.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a sprawling open world title. The game splits itself into 4 chapters with various missions to cover the main plot. The missions include different approaches from stealth, heavy fire to assassinations. There are CGs to watch, which can’t be skipped, and are usually from Jon’s perspective, to drive the narrative. Jon has a skill tree, which centers itself on the 3 types of skills to concentrate on. Warrior, Ghost, and Sniper.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 has some polish in its’ attempt. The Cry Engine seems to handle itself quite well. Explosions look real from the moment they rise till they eventually fizzle out. The bullet animation is glorious to watch and really shows off the receiver’s pain. To watch the projectile make its’ descent on an unsuspecting enemies melon is always fun to watch. Jon’s array of tools emphasizes on the use of stealth and tactics. It’s always cool to do surveillance with the drones and this game provides plenty of opportunities to fly them. The open world does include some tasks for Jon outside of the main story. Bounties, prisoner rescues, and random question marks are here for Jon to check out, kill, save or to interact with. The controls seem to handle quite well for Jon’s expedition with no noticeable lag.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 does hold some issues in its’ wake. Load times between areas seem to be a drag. Even starting the game up at a save point took a bit of time. Characters do look a bit unengaging and some have near telepathic abilities (which are unintentional). While the shooting mechanics are real, it feels as if the realism is thrown away after the inhale button is being pressed. Driving is a low point as this was one of the most difficult things one can do in this game properly. Struggling to get to mission points can be mostly because of the drives to each point. Sure, there is fast-travel, yet a majority of the journey to the mission start point, from the quick part, would still need some vehicle assistance. The workbench looks to help avoid paying for ammo more times than crafting that PSG-1 you’d want for Christmas. The story feels overdone with a high amount of predictability. It’s hard to invest into Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 without a compelling narrative. If you’re expecting Iraquios Plisken to Meryl level of dialog, check another box and keep your question mark over your head.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is a decent foray into the world of long range killing. While some of its’ mechanics make the art of distance warfare easier than it needs to be, at least this tactic shooter gets stable with what it can do correctly. It’s an entertaining run for those looking to get themselves back into the saddle of stealth without the nuances of more cinematic-heavy ballistics. There’s fun in the bullet flight, but Sniper Ghost Warrior struggles to captivate and be original.

Publishers: CI Games
Developer: CI Games
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Genre: Tactical Shooter
Modes: Single Player, Online Multiplayer

Review Disclaimer: This review was carried out using a digital copy of the game provided by the publisher on a PlayStation 4.

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