Ship Those Video Games And Other Presents On Time This Year With UPS


Ho-Ho-Ho Santa Brock here with some wise advice.

Don’t leave your Christmas shopping till the very last minute!

The malls are busy, the stock is low, and there aren’t enough old fashions in the world to relieve the stress, but if you are like me and refuse to listen such sound advice be sure you call UPS Canada.

Why? Because they will get your package where it needs to go and you can jazz up your shipping box. “What’s that sound?” your friend will exclaim upon opening said box. Why it’s a #MessageInAParcel my friend! Now on specially marked boxes you can leave a 10-second audio message that adds a personal touch to your parcel. The possibilities of words you could greet them with is endless. Hell, it’s not a bad way to impress your crush, that is if it wouldn’t be creepy sending them a parcel to their door.

Check out this video I did with my best friend Rhandy and take a look at this wonderful package!

By this point you are probably going, “Wow Brock” where can I find one.

Easy! Simply go to and check for your local store, head there with your parcel, pay the bill and get a tracking number and then head out on your merry way. The Message In a Parcel package is an exclusive item to UPS. Quantities are limited, but the novelty is worth looking for!

Simple. Easy peasy.

Hit me up on a Twitter with the hashtag #MessageInAParcel and let me know what you’re sending me for the holidays. I mean, what you’re sending your loved ones. If you need to know what video games your lucky recipient should get, please let me know. I can help you out in that department. If you want a game to play together, I always recommend one of the LEGO games. The Star Wars one is the bee’s knees.

Now go have a wonderful Christmas you beautiful people!

Please note that this is a sponsored post and we received compensation by UPS Canada

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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