Shift Happens When You’re Playing With Your Friends

Shift Happens

I’d never heard about Shift Happens until it landed in my email but the press release was too good to ignore.

Shift Happens is a Co-op 2D platformer. Two Flubber-like creatures have to work as a team to reach the ends of four different themed stages. The shifting mechanic exchanges size and abilities of the blobs. Coordinate your moves or just watch your buddy blob drown in water or fall down a cliff, maximum schadenfreude guaranteed! Choose Singleplayer or Co-op for ultimate gaming fun!

Flubber + Co-Op = Sold.

The game is now out on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

Here’s the killer release:

Just imagine the scenery… You’re sitting on your couch with your best buddy. A huge pizza, perfectly cooled beer right in front of you. All you’re thinking is “Damn that pizza looks frikkin good” and “Man, I haven’t played some sweet Co-op 2D platformer in a looooong, long time.” 

All of a sudden, you see that game in front of you, right on your little wooden table, like a divine gift, send from God itself. You hear the angels singing for you, a heavenly light shines upon your table, illuminating the present called “Shift Happens”. A mighty voice fills the room: “Thou shalt take the heavenly gift I have sent upon thee. Thou shalt fulfill thy destiny! Play now, chosen ones!”
You and your buddy look at each other, and you each say: “OK!”

This has happened quite often by now. Shift Happens is out for a while now and it is finally time for some updates. Today, a fresh update has been released for PC, introducing hats for everyone. HATS. You can wear them now. For no reason. For any reason. Just because. Also a few fixes have been introduced, a few tweaks have been made, find the update information here.

I’ll be playing Shift Happens when I get back from vacay next week.

Let me know how it is on Twitter friends!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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