Shenmue 3 Has Been Delayed Until The Second Half Of 2018

shenmue 3

The long-awaited Shenmue III has been pushed back from December 2017 until the second half of 2018 shocking no one. Given the scope of the first two games, it makes sense that series creator Yu Suzuki wants to take his time with it.

“By utilizing new technologies, we have been able to discover new possibilities and expressions,” Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki said in an official announcement. “In many ways, the game has become bigger and more beautiful than I initially expected.”

Suzuki added, “We do, however, need more time to deliver the game to you.”

This game was first announced way back at E3 in 2015 and followed up with a successful Kickstarter campaign. Sony has reportedly come in to help with the sequel.

I’m hoping we get word of a remastered Shenmue 1 + 2 at E3 but I won’t hold my breath. The good news is Shenmue 3 has a 99% chance of being out before Kingdom Hearts 3 which will help with the wait.

Until then you’ll find me weeping at my desk wishing I could play new or old Shenmue right now

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