Shadow’s Edge: A Revolutionary New Game That Offers Emotional Support to Teens

shadows edge

For most, gaming is a form of escape, but sometimes games can push the envelope and teach and inspire and that’s why the release for Shadow’s Edge caught my eye.

Shadow’s Edge was co-created by Sheri Sobrato Bisson, a survivor of 25 years having battled brain cancer in her youth.  As part of Brisson’s philanthropic Digging Deep Project inspired to help youth struggling with long-term illness, she created a new game alongside socially-conscious tech entrepreneur Rosemary Lokhorst. The game will be free to download and available October 23rd, 2017. The game is designed to encourage teens to dive deeper into their emotional journey through intriguing game play that includes journaling and expressive arts—in the form of graffiti!

Shadow’s Edge invites players to explore a dynamic interactive 3D world, which evolves based on the users’ self-expression. The urban city environment is made in 3ds Max based on references and has the concept art of an urban maze. Pushing the boundaries of mobile platforms, the game is a detailed city that transforms and is fully paintable on which the player can spray graffiti of their own creation

 “Shadow’s Edge excites me because we are using what is relevant and exciting to young people to support them in a way that they have never seen before, revolutionizing how we help teens that are dealing with serious health challenges through gaming and entertainment,” says Lokhorst in a press release.

Shadow’s Edge is the only game designed and developed for the sole purpose of supporting teens emotional health when faced with health challenges. The game hopes to work through those emotions and not just distract the player.

This is a big undertaking and I can’t wait to see the finished product. It holds a lot of promise and I hope it achieves everything it sets out to do in the coming weeks. It looks gorgeous from the few screenshots available online.

For more on Shadow’s Edge check out Teen ages 13-21 can sign up for the beta right now!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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