How Shadow Of War Can Improve Upon Its Predecessor


After two weeks of playing nothing but Nioh and Horizon: Zero Dawn I figured I’d pop back down to Mordor and see how the newly hyped Midde-Earth: Shadow Of War can improve on Shadow of Mordor.

First off, this game is a lot different than I remember. The controls aren’t very intuitive and it’s pretty slow moving. It’s definitely showing signs of age. That being said it’s still quite a fun game and I’m very curious to see more from the franchise and a more expanded Nemesis System.

Here are some ideas I cooked up that I would like to see in Shadow Of War:

Longer Story, Shadow of Mordor took about 15 hours to complete which isn’t bad but it’s got a lot more competition in the action/RPG field right now. That said, quality over quantity first.

Better Bosses, seriously other than the first boss the rest were all very forgettable. Don’t even get me started on that final boss. I can’t even remember what he looked like, because it took all of two strikes to bring him down.

Some More Colour, other than Rivendell the game was pretty damn dark and grungy. With Mordor being dropped from the title, I think we can expect a much more robust and colourful world.

Level Scaling.  I’d also love to see a more adaptive system akin to Arkham Knight and Phantom Pain. Big fan of the bow and arrow? Enemies more commonly wield shields and helmets. Always attack from high places? More scouts are posted around, etc.

A More Alive Open World. The game felt pretty barren with not much to do other than raid camps.

Harder Difficulties Modes. The game starts out relatively hard, but after a few deaths and some upgrades the game became incredibly easy.

Bring Back Ratbag!

Enemy Variety. Would be nice to see some Goblins, Haradrim and other LOTR baddies.

Let Me Ride A Balrog!

Developer Monolith Productions are in a great spot right now to do something new and fresh and I really hope they run with it. Looking back on Shadow of Mordor in 2017, it isn’t much more than a generic open world game. I’d love to see some more things to do such as managing your own fortress or perhaps go really left field and introduce a Risk-style mini-game to control certain parts of the map. I want to build an army!

I’m eager to play it, and hopefully I will get my hands on Shadow of War at E3 this year. What do you want to see added? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

Check out the launch trailer here.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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