Seriously, Why Does The Internet Love Barb So Much

This article will contain SPOILERS for Stranger Things so if you are one of the 3 people other than my mother who for some reason haven’t seen the best show of summer click elsewhere. By the way, hi mom.

I raved about Stranger Things in the past and I’m not sure we really need a second season. I like how the first season wrapped everything up nicely leaving the viewer to theorize what happened next, but because everything needs to be rehashed, remade and reshit on Stranger Things will probably get a second season. The last few days details have started to leak about the next season that is still yet to be confirmed. Maybe Netflix is hesitant as well, but they better get filming soon because those kids are going shoot up faster than Jack’s legendary beanstalk.

Upon finishing the show if you were to ask me what I loved/didn’t love about the series the character Barb wouldn’t come up. Because she was eaten and killed by the second episode and to be honest she sucked. Apparently, I’m pretty alone on this though as the internet web has been very vocal about their love of Barb. If anyone deserves justice this summer it’s Harambe. #LonglifeHarambe. Barb was only on screen for about 6 minutes and was nothing more than a stick in the mud.

Everywhere I look I see “Justice For Barb” or “Be More Like Barb”. Just look, almost every new site out there has written something about how amazing Barb is:

We Will Get “Justice for Barb” in a Second Season of Stranger Things – io9

Stranger Things Creators Promise Justice for Barb – Paper Mag

Duffer Brothers Tease Stranger Things Season 2: “Justice for Barb” – Deadline

This goes on and on and on.

Barb is the big spectacled third wheel/confidante who is quickly dragged into the Upside Down and is shown dead later on in the season.

That’s it. There’s nothing more.

Her unforgettable lines include, “Don’t we have a biology test tomorrow?” and “I don’t know, it’s a school night“. Haven’t you ever heard the expression YOLO Barb?! The least you could have done is shotgun that beer!

Imagine if Barb hadn’t been eaten by the monster? She would have been following around Nancy like a lost puppy telling her the situation ahead is to dangerous and to turn around now preventing Nancy from being a strong, adventurous, role model who’s ready to kick ass and face danger head on. Barb tried to ruin Nancy’s social life with her absolutely draining personality and would have certainly drained the show of it’s fun. This is the second worst pairing of summer next to Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Let’s also not forget that Barb is super judgemental. She didn’t like the fact Nancy was wearing a hot bra to Steve with the nice hair’s party. Who does that? Barb no one invited you the party, don’t be the person who tags along just to complain about how much everything sucks. And when she’s not using her mouth to complain she’s rolling her eyes. RUDE. Barb, you have zero chill.

We also must are left to believe that she must have been rude at home as well because her mother doesn’t seem overly worried she’s gone missing. Sorry Barb, your mom doesn’t like the Smiths records you’ve been playing at an adequate sound in your room.

Stop tweeting #WeAreAllBarb. We are not all Barbs. I am certainly no Barb. Barb sucks. Be more like Nancy. Adventurous, brave, independent and fun.

The writers have promised justice for Barb and I hope it’s nothing more than a short mention. The real mystery is what happened to Eleven, what’s going on with Will, why did those goverment agents want Sheriff Hopper (The star of the show), and how is Dustin adjusting to his new teeth.

Now go ahead and throw Internet hate at me for not liking a boring character like Barb! @brockmclaughlin



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