Sea Of Thieves: For A Game Set On The Sea It’s Rather Shallow


Ahoy Mateys, I’ve taken Sea Of Thieves for a sail and have found it fun but quite shallow.

Over the past few days, I’ve been trying out the Sea Of Thieves beta. It’s hard to tell how close to a finished product the game is currently, but on the surface, it’s rather bare bones. After a few hours, I feel like I’ve seen all the game has to offer and that’s worrisome. Granted it’s only an alpha and hopefully, the full game will have a bigger adventure. There’s a ton of potential here.


There’s a number of changes I’d make if someone made me the captain of this game. It shows promise and I love the world and yes the sea does look mind-blowing on the Xbox One X but its missing content.

Currently, playing alongside friends is a hoot as long as one of you knows what they are doing and all of you have microphones. This is a game dependant on communication. Solo players be warned. When trying to play alone I was instantly bored and joining random games with three players who know each other forced me to the brig. The brig is not a good feature in its current state. The brig is the jail cell located at the bottom of the boat and is where you go if your teammates all decide to vote you in. Once in the brig, you can not leave or escape the confines. There’s no secret key or way out. You just have to sit and wait for your teammates to play fair. It’s a funny feature if you’re with your friends and one of your mates tells a bad joke but for a stranger trying to get into the game its a fucking pain in the ass. The game needs an invite-only option or a vote to kick out certain players option. Not stick them in a cell. Why can’t I make unruly players walk the plank and be done with them? I’d like the idea of the brig if a player could escape it and turn on their team killing them when they least expect it. That would make it fun. And a big F you for sticking me in that godforsaken cell.

The game also feels like its missing a big non-hostile main island where you can get drunk and sing chanties with other pirates.  Let me get piss drunk and play some mini-games. Perhaps some parrot racing, a simple dice game or hell let me shoot some bottles for target practice. How about a bar where you could talk with other random pirates and form a team of great people. I’ve never met a pirate but movies and books have told me they like getting drunk and socializing. A hub would be a really good place to hang and show off your cute outfits.

The islands need some more life, currently, they are a bore. They are pretty but they sure are bare. Other than some skeletons I didn’t find anything interesting or challenging. I want to stumble upon more than a treasure chest. Rare weapons to use or artifacts to display on my ship would be a real treat. As it is right now I feel like I’m playing No Man’s Sky. Big barren lands with nothing to see or do. When I walk around in Skyrim or Breath Of The Wild I constantly find, “WOW” moments. I can’t say the same for Sea Of Thieves and that’s a shame.

A Big Bad! Where’s Red Beard? Or Ghost Pirates seeking revenge? Or a ship of angry ladies mad at their husbands for leaving them to become husbands. I want to fight (or cower) to them all. Word is there is a Kraken coming but I want more.

Different ships and weapons. This is a no-brainer. I want to fight with more than just cannonballs on my boat. Apparently there are plans for different weapons in the source code. But customizing your ship and sails would be stellar.

A leaderboard with some reputation and notoriety options. I want to know who the meanest pirates on the sea are. I’m guessing it’s my pal Greenskull.

What’s up with the black bars that appear when you approach an island or sunken ship. They are distracting and should be removed. The black bars can walk the plank.

I don’t think the game is bad, I did enjoy it but I have no reason to go back currently. I actually had a ton of fun and a lot of laughs. I really want a fleshed out game come March. A few simple fetch quests aren’t enough to keep my interest and I don’t like my friends enough to talk to them for more than an hour or two every few weeks (I’m a salty pirate). I had some fun getting chased by sharks and sailing through a storm and shooting down an enemy and stealing their treasure but those “cool” moments are few and far between. I’ve seen them. Now give me something new. Otherwise, I’m dubbing this game No Mean’s Sea.

On the surface the Sea Of Thieves beta wet my appetite I just hope the game’s content is as deep as its sea.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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