Samsung Q9F QLED Review – The Perfect TV To Compliment Your Xbox One X


If you have the money and want to invest in a machine that won’t fail you come this time next year the Samsung Q9F QLED is a stunning TV.

The Samsung Q9F QLED is one of the best 4K LCD TV’s I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s got fantastic picture quality and displays an incredibly wide range of colors and is the perfect unit for HDR gaming. It’s not cheap but it’s a solid TV that will make your gaming sessions that much more memorable and is damn near perfect.

Back in November Samsung teamed up with Xbox to launch their premium lineup of QLED TVs as the official 4K TV partner for the Xbox One X. Remember back at E3 2017 when Xbox showed off true 4K HDR gaming? Those were Samsung QLED TVs on display. Over the Fall those TVs released and I had to get my hands on one. Would it truly make a memorable difference that would justify the premium cost?

The short answer is yes. I’ve spent hours and hours researching 4K TV’s that will give me the experience I’m after. Is 4K gaming actually that much better or is it all hype? Sure you could go for a cheaper model (under $1000) but you’re not going get all the bells and whistles. Cheap TVs need to cut costs somewhere so while some features might be good others lack significantly. These QLED TVs provide an unparalleled 4k HDR gaming experience. They leverage quantum dot technology (Hence the Q in QLED) which helps bring the smallest graphical details to life in perfect color. This quantum dot technology helps express accurate colors and achieve 100 percent color volume, which allows you to play games as the developer intended. Both Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Forza Motorsport 7 look absolutely gorgeous. Now don’t get me wrong, they look great on a standard 1080p television set but when compared side by side there is a noticeable difference. One that makes you go, “Holy shit.”

On top of graphics, what I’ve noticed with cheaper models is the input lag isn’t great. The Samsung Q9F QLED’s input lag is quite low, and fast-moving content shows very little blur. This makes it a solid choice for both gamers and sports fans. I saw a huge difference when playing Injustice 2 on the TV. My kicks and punches actually lined up with what I was pressing on the controller.

Unboxing the TV was incredibly easy but does require two people minimum. The 65-inch unit weighs over 66 pounds. The 75-inch model a whopping 94 pounds! The TV is heavier than I was expecting. Once out of the box the look of the unit is excellent. It’s bulkier than other models on the market but it feels incredibly sturdy. The stand is so small that it almost looks like the TV is floating. The TV only sits 1.3” off the ground. You’ll need two power cables to power this bad boy. One for the display and one for the OneConnect box with contains all the inputs. This was my first TV with the extra box and I love it. This way you only have to worry about one cable connecting to your TV allowing you to easily hide your other cables. The fiber optic cable is so tiny it’s comparable to a piece of fishing line. The box contains 3 USB and 4 HDMI slots and 1 Digital Optical Audio out. This is a sexy looking TV inside and out.

The Samsung Q9F has exceptional picture quality. It’s sexy all across the board. It’s a really good unit for a dark home theater setting and manages to work great even with the sun shining in on the screen. It’s also got true HDR that shows peak brightness and a large color volume. It’s gorgeous to look at. With cheaper TV’s the HDR feature is more of a gimmick. Most units won’t have wide color nor is the 10 bit actually 10 bit. If you want to see HDR in all its glory I’d recommend trying out the Insects app from Microsoft. The app allows you to turn HDR on and off and you should quickly see a huge difference. Bear in mind most TVs will need to be adjusted prior to launching the app. As a rule of thumb, adjust your settings to lower brightness, higher contrast, high color, and low sharpness.

On the Q9F you will need to go into settings and under HDMI UHD Color you’ll want to turn on any port which you want to receive HDR content on. If you don’t you’re gonna run into problems and you’re going miss out on a huge selling point of this unit.

The one thing I noticed on the TV was the viewing angle isn’t great. It’s very limited and you’re going want to be sitting straight on. I live in an apartment and have my couch positioned directly in front of my TV so this isn’t a problem but if I had the room to add an extra chair on the side I’d have a tough time seeing the screen. To me, this makes no difference but it’s something to note depending on your setup.

As all TVs on the market these days the Q9F is a smart device. It features Samsung’s 2017 Tizen platform, called the Smart Hub which is clean and simple and has some great voice command features.  The TV’s remote has a built-in microphone and can do everything from changing inputs and settings to searching for content. If you don’t like voice commands however the remote has very few buttons. You’ll have to navigate the Smart Hub to do most things. I’d have liked some more buttons on there but once you get used to it the voice pickup is really great.

I wanted a TV for gaming and watching TV shows. This TV exceeds all expectations. The input lag is incredibly low and there’s virtually no motion blur. It makes gaming even more immersive and very responsive. With HDR turned on the experience is incredible. TV Shows appear beautifully and the picture quality is very bright. Of course for the sports fans, the little motion blur will make this TV a great choice for you. It’s also incredibly intuitive and simple to set up. Samsung has done a really good job at making a taunting TV very accessible to the average user. It’s also got a Burn-In Free for life, guaranteed!

If you’ve got the money to spend and have an Xbox One X this TV should be high up on your list. Skip that Spring vacation and bathe in the rays of your new TV.

Please note: This Samsung unit was provided by Samsung Canada for review purposes.

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Brock McLaughlin

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