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Samsung is not messing around with the new Galaxy Tab S3. This top-notch tablet, released last week, improves on an already kick-ass multimedia experience offered by it’s predecessor the Galaxy Tab S2.

My Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 took an unfortunate “L” when I sat on the screen a month back, so I was extra excited to unBrocx the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. For many of you, I’m sure you’re still hitting that refresh button hoping to find a Nintendo Switch in stock. But with only one really great game (ok, maybe one of the best game of all time) is it enough to warrant a purchase when you could consider gaming on this incredible tablet?

My old Galaxy Tab S2 would come with me everywhere I went. I used it primarily for Plex and gaming on the go. I have to save every last minute of battery on my phone, so I can’t risk gaming on that. I needed a tablet. A tablet that boasts amazing visuals, big sound and gives me an immersive experience in the palm of my hands.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has a 9.7-inch Super AMOLED display is a true beauty. It’s resolution gives it a 4:3 aspect ratio and offers HDR support for higher contrast and more vivid colors; this tablet was made for videos and games.

You can tell this tablet was designed for casual gaming. When I imported all my games and apps from my previous tablet, the Tab S3 conveniently sorted all my games into a new feature called the Game Launcher. I can’t stand making folders, so to have this automatic organization is a game changer. Essentially, it took all my games and placed them into a separate screen that I can customize.

Inside Game Launcher is a button named Game Tools. Game Tools provides convenient features in a button that floats over your game. This way if I get sucked into an RPG like Jade Empire I can quickly flick on No Alerts, Lock Recents and Back Keys, In-game lock screen and, my favorite, Screenshot. There are also handy shortcuts, including Open Games Muted, and a Save Power mode.

And what games should you be playing on your brand new tablet you might ask? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve partnered with Samsung Canada and over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing not only tips + tricks, but a whole list of gaming apps you can download and check out. Some of them will be free, some of them paid, but there’s a game for everyone. The Play Store has a never-ending supply of games and I want to help you through the painful process of digging for that special game, and show you that gaming on a tablet, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, will completely change your perception of mobile gaming.


To start you out I’ve listed 3 games you should be playing right now on your Galaxy Tab S3:

  • Super Mario Run – I’m hooked on this game and had no problem dropping $13 bucks for the full version. This is one of the cleanest and best-looking games out there. It feels like a classic Mario game.

  • Oceanhorn – If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch but want to play Zelda on the go this is your best option. It’s hard to believe a game this size is free (to unlock the full game it will cost you, but the free version is a good start). It’s absolutely massive and is a lot like my third favorite Zelda game, Wind Waker.

  • Jade Empire – One of the best console RPG’s of all time is now available on Android and it’s surprisingly well done. I was nervous going into it but it translates very well as a portable device.

Next week I’ll take a look under the hood and provide a full roundup of great games you can play but if you’d like to check out the device for yourself click this link –

Be sure to tweet me @stdxbrockstar and let me know any questions you might have or anything you want to see.

Review Disclaimer: This coverage was carried out using a tablet provided by Samsung Canada.

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