Riverdale Lives Up To My High Expectations


With the second episode of Riverdale airing tonight I thought it would be a good time to remind you to watch it live or wait for it to hit Netflix shortly after. Here’s a little refresher from last week with everything you may have missed because you were too busy distracted by Archie’s abs. DAMN SON!

 I grew up reading Archie comics and I was always surprised we didn’t get a show or movie sooner. Sure there was a few failed attempts and a movie that’s better off forgotten but not much else. I’ve had my fingers crossed since the day Riverdale was announced that it would be good. The Twin Peaks meets Gossip Girl premise sounded promising but let’s be honest, there are so many ways it could have gone wrong. Well, after watching the Pilot last week all looks good. Real good. The internet has fallen for Riverdale and the first season looks like it’s going get pretty intense. The series is in very capable hands with Roberto Aguirre-Sacassa as the head writer. Roberto is the creator of the excellent Afterlife With Archie and a huge fan of the characters (he was the guy who got a cease and desist for a stage play he wrote years ago in which Archie was gay).

Every episode of Riverdale will take its title from a classic film, usually of the drama genre. The first episode was titled, “The River’s Edge” which is the name of the 1986 Keanu Reeves/Dennis Hopper/Crispin Glover movie. It’s an amazing movie about a group of teens who get wrapped up in a murder involving one of their peers. Sound familiar?

It’s also worth noting that Riverdale’s Jughead is a movie buff so it makes sense for him to name each chapter of his book after a movie.

Archie’s dog Vegas shows up. If Vegas doesn’t sound familiar it’s because Vegas made his comic book debut only a few years ago in Afterlife with Archie.

No signs of Reggie’s dog Vader or Jughead’s pet dog Hot Dog, but I have a feeling we might be seeing them soon.

Betty mentions to Veronica during his tour of Riverdale High that the school opened in 1941. You know what else opened in 1941? Riverdale High, as 1941 was the first year that it made an appearance in the comics.

Veronica calls Archie by his long-time nickname, Archiekens when convincing him to join her at the dance.

It was nice to see Hubert Smithers, the Lodge’s long time butler make an appearance during the pilot. It will be interesting to see where his storyline goes and it’s also worth noting that Mr.Lodge is noticeably absent. You can bet when he comes to town he’s going be a thorn in Archie’s side and cause some trouble. Any guesses what 1980s heartthrob is going play him?

Whoa. Moose is gay? Moose the big brooding beefcake? But what about Midge? This should get interesting. Also, Midge didn’t make an appearance but she is set to show up in episode 4.

Riverdale, the town with PEP! If “pep” sounds familiar it’s because Pep comics is where Archie made his very first appearance in December of 1939. Archie’s appearance was meant as nothing more than a filler story when fears about World War 2 had gripped the nation. Apparently, people like that red-head goof cause we’re still talking about him 78 years later.

Betty’s friend Kevin Keller is actually the star of his own comic series. In the comic Life With Archie, Archie actually saves his life and gets shot dead doing so.

I doubt we will see Archie die in Riverdale but anything is possible.

“Check your sell-by date ladies. Faux-Lesbian kissing hasn’t been taboo since 1994” – Cheryl

Why did Cheryl pick 1994? It was probably a reference to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” episode of Roseanne, one of the first TV episodes with a lesbian kiss, which was a big pop culture moment for LGBT representation on screen.

Polly Cooper is going have a much darker role than her comic book version that’s for sure. In the comics, she lives in California and is a TV news reporter.

Mr. Weatherbee was mentioned but no actor has been cast in the role as of yet. Wonder what they have planned for him. The school needs a principal, doesn’t it? Who’s going discipline Miss Grundy?

There ya have it. Are you enjoying the show so far? Who do you think killed JJ? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

We’re only a few hours out now from another new episode!

And if you can’t get enough of Riverdale a tie-comic book has been announced.

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