How Would We Remake Mario Games! If We Ran Nintendo Episode 67 / Special Guest Brockstar

ran nintendo

With the handsome Sean Capri on a camping trip (ew) Bobby Pauls aka The Nintendo Guru asked me (JK I begged) to fill in for him and boy did we have a laugh.

We talk all things Nintendo!

TOPIC 1: If We Ran Nintendo: Would we dip into the Mario Back Logs and remake some of the games. Recently Miyamoto has come out against this idea and if we ran Nintendo what would we do?

TOPIC 2: If We Ran Nintendo: How would we work to present the Virtual Console? With no VC in sight and the releases of the NES and SNES Classic many are getting worried that we wonโ€™t see the VC anytime soon. How would we handle it?

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Thanks for having me gents!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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