WeRateDogs Missed A Huge Opportunity With New Game


If you aren’t following WeRateDogs on Twitter you are missing out some hecking cute tweets. WeRateDogs rates pictures of dogs and because all dogs are good boys they all get good ratings. It’s the best. If you want to send me pictures of your dogs to rate tweet me @brockmclaughlin.

When the creator of WeRateDogs Matt Nelson announced he was going be putting out an app I assumed it would be like Tinder for dogs. Swipe right to let the dog know he was a good boy. Swipe left to also let the dog know he was a good boy. Sure, it’s a simple concept but I could picture myself getting stoned and swiping for hours. It could even set me up with local dogs in my neighborhood to hang out with on hot summer days.

Unfortunately, Good Dogs! is nothing more than a really shitty Crossy Road clone but instead of being stuck on rails you can move both right and left.  Your goal is to guide the doggo over obstacles and through grass without smacking anything. It’s incredibly boring. I needed a puppy nap after about 2 minutes of playing.

Not only is it a snoozefest it’s full of microtransactions and ads that get in the way. Just let me look at puppers you dumb app! The controls and camera also aren’t much use and work against you causing many puppy deaths which is pretty depressing.

Sorry WeRateDogs but your app gets a 1/10 for being a bad boy.

Go follow Matt on Twitter and let him know you want to see my dog Hank Mardukas rated.

I took this picture the first week I got him.

Here is modeling for a local business.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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