Playstation Plus Games Heavy On Indies For December


Sony has revealed the final set of free games for PlayStation Plus members this year, finishing 2016 with two underground hits for PlayStation 4 owners. For December, PS Plus members can play Invisible, Inc., and Stories: The Path of Destinies, among other games.

Other games include Hyper Void and Tiny Troopers Joint Ops for the PlayStation 3. Tiny Troopers Joint Ops will also work on the Vita. Vita Owners all can try VVVVVV, as well as PS4-compatible Color Guardians.

It’s great to be able to try out some of these smaller indie titles, but an AAA game would have been a great holiday gift from Sony. Just take a look at the amount of likes vs dislikes on the video above. People want games they’ve heard of in order for them to make it feel like the cost of their membership is worth it. Playstation fans also seem to be upset that Xbox Live users are getting two top notch games, Burnout Paradise and Sleeping Dogs in December. If you’ve already signed up for PS Plus, there’s no harm in trying these indie titles out. Who knows, you might be surprised. I’ll let you know what I think when I get my hands on them next month!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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