Pimp My XBOX One Controller Phil Spencer

Every aspect of the controller, from the buttons, to the sticks, can now be modified to look however the hell you want. You can now engrave controllers with text of your choice!

Here are some examples:

“Hot Stuff”

“Will you be my one?”


The possibilities are endless!

I can’t wait to UnBrocx one.

Here’s a trailer:

The controllers will be $79.99 USD each, with an additional $9.99 charge for text. Every custom controller is actually the newly redesigned pad, which will first launch with the release of Xbox One Slim. This means any custom controller will come equipped with a new textured grip, and increased wireless range, among other improvements.

It’s all being done as a part of the “Xbox Design Lab” and Microsoft says you’ll be able to use it via Xbox.com.

You’ve been able to customize your controller on the after market for years and it’s puzzled me why you could never officially do it before. I don’t remember any console in history every having customizable controllers straight from the company. Why could I change my faceplate but not the part I actually use?

I can’t wait to get my Cheeto-dusted hands on my own personal controller!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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  1. These are gorgeous, seems a bit steep in price though. Are you gonna get a slim Xbone? I’m actually thinking about it.

    1. I will (For review purposes and because it will look better on my shelf) My first Xbox One bit the dust back in the fall, and the customer service team took care of and fixed for free (Which is HUGE in my books) so my Xbox One I have now is practically brand new.

      As for the price of the controller, it’s pretty standard. It’s about 10 more dollars than the original controller. If you watch the sales on Amazon you can pick up a controller for as low as 50 bucks, though!

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