This Official Minecraft Themed Xbox One Is A Thing Of Beauty

minecraft xbox

Over the next two months, Microsoft will be releasing some very Minecraft-themed pieces of hardware: an Xbox One S and two controllers. Minecraft is a massive money maker, so these different designs are a no-brainer. They look amazing.

The console releases on October 3 really captures the look and feel of Minecraft. I’m in love with the Creeper Controller. Just look at the small details. The TNT on the back is a nice touch.

The bottom of the console is extra weird and I’m into it. Shame, I don’t have the space to show it off. My shelves are getting extra busy.

The Creeper controller, as well as the pig controller, will be available starting September 12th. It’s extra pink.

Microsoft has once again really stepped up their game with the custom controllers and consoles this fall. Perhaps next year we’ll be able to further customize our controllers with designs like this through the Design Labs.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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