The Nintendo Switch App Just Dropped And I Have Some Questions

nintendo switch

Four months after the console’s release, Nintendo has made the Switch app available on both iOS and Android.

Its purpose is to let you do basic tasks like use voice chat and invite your friends to games, but as of right now, it just shows a “server maintenance” sign.

I’m currently working on my Splatoon 2 review and won’t be posting till I experience voice chat. I’m finding matches incredibly boring without being able to talk to my teammates which is the same problem I had with the first one. I just run around throwing paint on the floor for two minutes before the match ends without any kind of strategy in place.

Voice chat would come in real handy.

Too bad it seems incredibly inconvenient.

Is this 1999?

This is an incredibly basic function. Things like Skype, Discord and Messenger both allow me to multitask, why can’t this app?

I’m also hearing that if you lock your phone, or turn off the screen the voice chat cuts out. You have to leave the screen on. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF NONSENSE IS THIS?!

You’re going have to use an extra phone to power this thing as not to ruin your battery life on your primary device.

Does Nintendo not want people using their voice chat? I’m beginning to think so. Why didn’t they just include a Bluetooth headset?

Nintendo. What’s the long term game plan here?



Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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