The New Season of iZombie Looks Wild


I love iZombie. The cast is charming and it’s a ton of fun with a lot more life than the Walking Dead.

If you haven’t I’d suggest checking out season 1 – 3 on Netflix leading up to the return of season 4 on February 26th.

The third season was a bit of a miss, with a few too many filler plot points but I’m eager to see where the show goes. Thus far the undead virus has largely been kept under wraps. That is, until the ending of season 3 where we saw Seattle overrun by brain-hungry zombies. Seattle is now a social experiment/quarantine zone and a whole new status quo is in place.

Season 3 ended with the tainted vaccines for the Aleutian flu outbreak getting out into the streets causing a mass infection of the zombie virus. Seattle’s zombie problem is now worldwide news. Season 4 is going give us “New Seattle” which will show humans and zombies living beside each other, trapped within the quartine walls. This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

I’m excited to see what new adventures Liv, Clive and my favorite Ravi go on. Will newly infected Ravi find a cure and solve the problem or will Seattle be run into the ground?

Check out the trailer below, are you excited for the fourth season?

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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