New Middle-earth: Shadow of War Trailer Shows Off The Story


Most companies have been rather quiet this week as they prepare for E3 but not Warner Bros. They keep pumping out kick ass content to make the wait for E3 feel that much quicker.

This morning Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has unveiled a new story trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, which showcases Talion and Celebrimbor as they harness the power of the New Ring to create an army and take on any enemy that gets in their way. It looks like Sauron and his menacing Nazgul have some tricks up their sleeve. The video also features a ton of new allies, villains, and creatures that The Bright Lord will come face-to-face with and I’m curious to see how the expanded Nemesis System works.

Check out the awesome trailer below:

Set between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the RingsMiddle-earth: Shadow of War is an open-world action RPG that continues the original narrative of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Players will be engrossed in a richer, more personal and expansive world full of epic heroes and villains, iconic locations, original enemy types, more personalities and a new cast of characters with untold stories.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be available for Xbox One, Project Scorpio, Windows 10 PC (Windows Store and Steam), PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro beginning October 10, 2017.

Also, as I’ve long predicted, Xbox Scorpio will be released the same week as this game. I’m thinking October 13th. Save those pennies!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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