I Never Knew I Wanted To One Day Be An Asshole Goose On The Loose


We might not be getting a new Splinter Cell any time soon, though I’ve heard rumblings….. We are being gifted with a new stealth and puzzle solving game starring a dick head Goose! Move over Sam Fisher a new hero has emerged.

Seriously has there ever been a game that lets you play as a goose?

Players control a mischievous goose who can cause mayhem on a small farm. It looks like pure comedy gold.

The untitled Goose game is being developed by Australian developers House House, who are the makers of the bizarre Push Me, Pull You. Not much more is known about the game but it sure does look funny. The game doesn’t even have a playable demo at the moment. Hopefully, we learn more in 2018. Until then we have this amazing trailer.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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