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It’s officially cold out in Toronto, and that means I’m going be spending a lot more time inside. October was an awesome month for games and I didn’t get in as much gaming as I like despite playing a ton of games. I have quite a few reviews to come still but I thought I’d share with you my quick thoughts on the following.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

This is probably the last game I’ll ever play on my WiiU. With Nintendo sending out the final 250,000 units this week the WiiU is officially over. It wouldn’t crack my list of top 5 games on the system but it was really fun to play. It’s a 30 hour+ adventure and extremely funny. I didn’t like the battle system all that much but the rest of the game was fantastic.

A review is on the way!

Gears Of War 4

I had originally planned to replay the original Gears before jumping into 4 but alas I couldn’t find the time. I did enjoy my time with Gears despite its faults. Stay tuned for a review real soon.

Shadow Warrior 2

I only played this for a few hours on the PC but loved what I tried. I’ll jump back into this one in November.


I finally worked up the courage to play Outlast and holy hell was it scary. ย There’s a jump scare around the 2-hour mark that might be the scariest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

I had no idea Undead Nightmare was so different. It was like a Simpson’s Treehouse Of Horror episode. I really liked how different it was. I didn’t get that far but I did enjoy my time with it. It was a good game to play on Halloween night.

Batman: Return To Arkham

I beat these back to back in 3 days. Wow. I forgot how good they are. And the HD remake sure makes them look shiny. A review is on the way for this.

PewDiePie Simulator

I played this at any chance I could get and barely made a dent. I probably won’t be picking it up again. I’m jealous of all my friends spots. They look badass. Mine looks like a dump.

Kentucky Route Zero

GO PLAY THIS GAME RIGHT NOW. I don’t want to spoil anything.


I gave Firewatch another playthrough on the Xbox One. It had some terrible framerate problems but it sure is pretty. It’s also got a wicked story. It’s a short game at around 3 hours and I’d highly suggest playing it on a Sunday afternoon in one sitting.


I finished Virginia in just under two hours. There’s not a line of dialogue and it’s quite confusing yet I still think it’s one of the best games I’ve played this year. There’s a scene in a jazz bar that will be engrained in my memory for life. Don’t let the cartoony graphics throw you off. If you like the X-Files and Twin Peaks you will love Virginia.

Didn’t play but on my list:

Civilization VI

Battlefield 1

Titanfall 2

My Summer Car

Five Night’s At Freddy’s: Sister Location

Alien Isolation

Don’t even get me started on new games coming on this month. See you never!

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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