Millions Of Gamertags Are Set To Be Released On Xbox Live

Holy Bananas! Microsoft will release close to a million Xbox Live

Later this week, Microsoft will release close to a million Xbox Live gamertags to the public, the company said today. These handles, which Microsoft says have been inactive since the original Xbox era, will start going free on May 18 at 2pm ET. These gamertags will date back to 2002! Yes, Xbox Live has been around for 13 years.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not provided a full list of names that will be available so you’ll have to guess away when the floodgates open on Wednesday, but the best way to claim a new tag will be on Xbox’s website here. I’m going keep mine, brockmclaughlin, but for those of you who thought it would be funny to name yourself gatorbutt69 when you were 12 might get a chance to get a more sophisticated name.

Sony still, however, won’t let users change their name for some strange reason.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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