March 8th Came Early. Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Announcement Drops Early


Target, the store Canada forgot about, dropped the ball this weekend and leaked details on Middle-Earth: Shadow of War this weekend. It’s a sequel to the surprisingly great, Shadow Of Mordor.

It has a release date of August 22nd and judging by a Tweet from IGN France in January, it wasn’t supposed to be revealed until March 8th, 2017. Surprise!

Check out the trailer below:

In Shadow of War, players will be wielding a new Ring of Power against characters such as Sauron and Nazgul and hundreds of orcs. I wonder how many of these games we’re really going get, as the franchise is pigeonholing itself by taking place so closely before the Lord of The Rings franchise.

The Nemesis system is being expanded for the sequel, with players actions shaping the entire world. I’m sold. The Nemesis system was a real highlight of the first game. It’s worth picking up on the cheap if you haven’t already.

We can expect to see new gameplay footage come March 8th. Stay tuned.

Brock McLaughlin

Brock McLaughlin

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