The Long Awaited Trailer For Shenmue 3 Is Here


Shenmue 3, one of the most anticipated games to come from Sega’s wish list, has brought about its’ first trailer. After it’s original announcement and a delay, Shenmue 3 has an official trailer that dropped a few nights back.


The reviews of Shenmue III’s trailer have not been great, comparing it to its’ original Dreamcast prequels, Shenmue and Shenmue II. Character model wise, it could do for some more work, yet it does embody the original game’s premise and feel of exploration and of course, learning martial arts randomly from unexpected sources. A few new and old characters make an appearance in the short teaser. The trailer focuses on its’ setting, from mountain ranges to various villages.

The Kickstarter project was pushed to sometime next year. Sony is also backing this project on a marketing level, with creator and Virtua Fighter father, Yu Suzuki, at the helm. Deep Silver will be publishing the game. Shenmue has been a departure from Suzuki’s usual fare of arcade centric titles which offboard their stories to instruction manuals. Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter, Outtrigger, and Virtua Cop, to name a few. Shenmue III continues where II left off, uniting Shenhua and Ryo together to embark on their journey.

Shenmue is an RPG about a young man in search of his father’s killer and a mystery of an ancient artifact that was in his father’s possession. It takes Ryo out of his native land Japan, and into the belly of 1980’s China. Along the way, Ryo learns various new moves from other fighting styles and can put them to good use through practicing them in vacant parking lots(which was the best part).

Shenmue 3 can’t come soon enough.

UPDATE: Yu Suzuki has confirmed character models are not final!

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